Top 6 amazing health benefits of cottage cheese

Cheese is dairy product which is made from milk and it can be made in various ways and can be bought in various form relying on the milk and the fat content. Some types of cheese may include hoop cheese, pot cheese, farmer cheese, queso blanco, paneer and many other types of cheese. Each of these is prepared with various procedures and various ingredients as well. Thereby, different types of cheeses may enhance different flavors.

The progress to prepare commercial cheese and cottage cheese is similar. The size and the proportions of milk is the only difference between these two types of cheese. By boiling and curdling milk with some acidic substances like vinegar or lime, you can prepare cottage cheese. Since the milk boils, it will curdle and form lumps of curds. These curds will subsequently be compressed to squeeze out the milk serum or whey to create a huge lump of curd or cheese.

Cottage cheese brings us many health benefits which are weight loss, protein supplement, healthy fats and B complex vitamin production and a decreased risk of getting breast cancer. Moreover, cottage cheese is also an excellent source of different minerals like magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, selenium and zinc, all of which play a crucial role in the body functions.

Cottage cheese provide us many health benefits such as high protein amount, crucial calcium, potassium, phosphorus and more significantly, it can be adopted to enhance weight management.
Here are several of health benefits that cottage cheese can offer us:

Vitamin D and calcium found plentiful in dairy products particularly in cottage cheese, may help to reduce the risk of breast cancer. A research conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health did find out that those premenopausal women who has higher intake of calcium and vitamin D obtained lower risk of breast cancer.

The high amount of casein protein found in cottage cheese enables this to be one of the most valuable health benefits of cottage cheese. It is demonstrated that cow’s milk consists of the highest level of casein protein among many different types of milk. The amount of protein found in cottage cheese is an ideal amount for those who do not eat meat so that they can be supplied the sufficient amount of daily protein. And one more advantage is that cottage cheese does not require any cooking and it can be eaten directly.

Besides other important nutrients such as calcium or magnesium, cottage cheese also possesses potassium which can work as a fluid – balancing ingredient in the body. Potassium is a significant part in neural activities of the brain and the muscle as well. Moreover, it can relieve muscles cramps. So that intake of potassium on a frequent basis might help you to stop the risk of strokes as it is able to reduce blood pressure and the vessels contraction. It is useful in reducing stress, anxiety and depression too. Potassium, and sodium can act as electrolytes however, potassium may not induce any consequences like sodium. (increased blood pressure as well as cardiovascular stress).

Calcium is one of the main ingredient connected with milk and their dairy products. The benefit of calcium – rich food are weight loss and bone strengthening as well. The daily recommended calcium value in cottage cheese is 8%. Calcium, found plentiful in milk and dairy products like cottage cheese or curd may help in strengthening bone throughout childhood and adolescence. Consuming calcium – rich food while you are pregnant and in later years is strongly useful, particularly in colon cancer and osteoporosis. In addition, it also aids in sending nerve impulse in the nervous system as well as manipulate heart disease and weight gain.

Cottage cheese is highly recommended for pregnant women as well as athletes thanks to its various incredible crucial nutrients found in it. For instance, the body of pregnant women are highly required calcium and cottage cheese possesses plenty calcium. Moreover, cottage cheese also consists of phosphorus that is an extremely important ingredient found in bones, therefore cottage cheese is also highly recommended during pregnancy. In addition, cottage cheese is also rich in vitamin B which is useful in different metabolic activities in our bodies. Some of them are riboflavin, vitamin B12, thiamin, folate, niacin and pantothenic acid.


Cottage cheese is an excellent source of magnesium. And most of magnesium gathers in our bones in our body. It can work as a catalyst, boost biochemical responses, execute various enzymes in the body, remain muscle and nerve functioning as well as aid the immune system. Moreover, it can maintain blood sugar amount in the body so that heart attacks, psychiatric disorders, constipation, collagen and migraine will be prevented in advance. 
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